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Whatever a child learns in his or her early formative stages greatly influences how the child comes to view himself, colleagues, parents, teachers, and the world around him. This then forms the child’s perception of himself, his abilities, besides forming the all-important foundation for learning life’s challenges and how to go about them.
This understanding has greatly informed our approach to Early Child Education. We have invest in highly trained ECD teachers, with a higher ability to handle children within the 3 – 5 years age brackets.


Our teaching methods are influenced by the works of several pioneers in ECD, among them being Maria Montessori, who clearly defines what gives children a quality childhood.


Learning activities at the Trinity School’s Kindergarten include art, music and drama. Other areas of teaching include physical education (PE), basic mathematics, phonics and nature science. Play is emphasized as a way to discover new ideas and skills.


We gradually introduce our young pupils to reading in both English and Kiswahili. This forms an important part in the child’s preparation for the Kenyan (8-4-4) education system, as well as any other English-based primary education system that parents may choose for the child.


We serve all our Kindergarten pupils with a mid-morning snack, as well as lunch each day. What’s more, they can enjoy a peaceful afternoon nap, and wake up to a series of exciting and creative indoor or outdoor activities.


Our main annual events are: Parents’ Workshop, as well as Sports Day. In addition, we hold Open Days, during which parents can discuss their children’s progress with the class teacher on a one-to-one basis.


We also offer transport for all pupils on request, at a small affordable fee.

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